About Us

    In 2007, what started out as a life-long hobby and interest debuted as the first online mid-century modern furniture store based in Lynchburg, VA. The owner, John Wormuth, spent his childhood following his grandparents to flea-markets and estate sales, where he gained an appreciation for clean lines, quality materials, and unique design concepts.
    As a teacher, John devoted his summers off to pursuing his interest in mid century design. At the time, he was part of a small group of enthusiasts before the movement grew into today's booming mid-century modern revival.
    The online business quickly gained traction and by 2010, Galaxie Modern made a home for itself in a brick and mortar location at 1225 Main Street in the heart of Downtown, Lynchburg, VA. Our storefront featured two showrooms that housed all of our expertly-chosen pieces that are available both at our physical location and online as well. After opening in 2010, John  enlisted the help of his father Dave to operate a true family-run business and  met great success. Dave could be found around the shop re-finishing a mid-century masterpiece, telling stories of his glory days, or playing the role of doting grandfather to our shop dog, Winston.
    In 2020, COVID hit Lynchburg like it did the rest of the world and slowly but surely our time in downtown Lynchburg wound down.  We opted to shutter the storefront in December and have since focused on selling our products online.  We miss seeing our customers in person but recognize that the world has changed and we must adapt.  
      Hope to her from you soon,

    The Galaxie Modern family... and Winston, of course.